The discovery of totayin

The discovery of totayin.wmv

Totayin is a planet that is east of the Solar System. Totayin along with Rampridge are the closest Altean Planets to the Solar System. 


There are many Countries in Totayin.some of these include Vangolia, The United Regions of Potamia, Kashingham, Rodinheif, Pedan, and The Klydol Republic For more countries see the List of Countries Page

Relations with The Solar SystemEdit

Totayin as well as other Altean planets are known by a very small group of earthlings abt 5

By contrast Todaydians have known about earth since 5 to 7 million years ago. In the year 1000 There was a group of 3 Todaydians who founded a small settlement in North America and named it Roswell after the town of Roslya that they were from. The Roswell settlement did not last too long due to the remote location of the settlement and bad health conditions the settlers left 10 years later after a fire destroyed the buildings they built there. Todaydians due to the Internet and other media on earth they have learned about the earth.

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